Visible areas of all walls, ceilings, stairways, representative windows and doors, and attic areas. We will look for signs of leakage and damage, sagging or other significant structural concerns. Representative windows will be operated to determine function. In accessible attics, besides assessing structural components, we will note insulation and ventilation conditions.

Grounds/ Features

Exterior features that are inspected typically include hardscape features such as driveways, sidewalks, decks, patios, patio coverings, retaining walls, balconies, etc. as well as property line fences in close proximity to the building. Cracks in concrete less than 1/8 inch are considered common cracks, often attributed to shrinkage, expansion and contraction, or minor soil movement. Testing irrigations is not part of the inspection unless otherwise noted. 


Plumbing fixtures, built-in appliances such as the dishwasher, cooktop, ovens, ventilation and built in cabinetry. We will check plumbing fixtures looking for water pressure or drainage issues and visible signs of leaks. We will check basic operational modes of the appliances and inspect cabinets and countertops for significant deficiencies. Refrigeration is not inspected.


Roof covering materials, (shingles), flashings at roof penetrations and valleys, skylights, chimneys, gutters and downspouts. Looking for evidence of leakage or worn, damage, or missing components. 


Visible load-bearing framing components, foundation walls, slabs, piers, columns and other major structural components found in crawlspaces. 


 Vehicle doors will be tested for safety features (auto reverse and pressure sensor). The presence of a firewall/ door will be reported on. The condition of the slab floor will also be reported on.


Plumbing fixtures are checked for leaks and normal operation. Minor imperfections can allow water to penetrate into the walls and floors, which overtime can result in significant water damage. Maintaining all grout and caulking in the bathroom(s) is important and should be done yearly. Determining whether shower pans are watertight is beyond the scope of the inspection. Jacuzzi tubs are tested and checked for leaks when access is available.


Water supply piping, gas/ fuel piping, waste system piping, water heaters and plumbing fixtures. The inspection includes assessment of the physical condition of visible piping, condition and performance of water heater(s).

Each inspection begins by following the 


Accessible attic spaces are inspected for insulation, ventilation and roof framing.  Deficiencies will be reported on.  Attic spaces will only be entered if can be done safely.


Components of the central heating system (furnaces, heat pumps, wall heaters and radiant heat) including visible fuel-supply piping, venting, and the heat distribution system. We will operate the heating system to assess for proper burner operation and  portions of the distribution system and presence of a functional heat supply to each area of the house.  We will assess the physical condition of readily accessible fireplace components including exteriors of chimneys and vents. 

A property inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of a residential dwelling or commercial building, performed for a fee, which is designed to identify observed material defects within specific components of said dwelling/ building.

Inspection Services


Siding and trim, windows, doors, garages, porches, attached decks, stairs, and railings.  Looking for evidence of damage, missing components or other conditions that might lead to infiltration, or defects. 

Grading/ Drainage 

Site grading is inspected for proper drainage to ensure the foundation is protected from moisture. Drainage type is identified and any improvements needed will be recommended. Sub surface drains are not tested.


Components of the central air conditioning or heat pump system including condensers, air handlers and visible distribution system ductwork. We will operate the system, subject to seasonal conditions, to assess function and check the condition of the accessible indoor and outdoor components. The distribution system will be assessed for functional cooling to each area of the house.

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Electrical panel dead front covers will be removed when can be done safely.  A representative number of outlets and switches and lighting will be tested.  The presence or GFCI protection, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will also be reported on.